El Bobo Restaurant

History and information

Our Restaurant was founded in 1966 and we continue with the traditional cuisine that we have inherited form our parents and grandparents.

Origins of the El Bobo Restaurant

El Bobo Restaurant is remote from the wooden picnic areas that were set up in the summer to go to the beaches of the land of light and sun. One of these picnic areas was acquired by a family from Serra who was nicknamed “El Bobo”, hence the name of the restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the promenade of Valencia at Malvarrosa beach. From its terrace we can directly access to the fine sand of this popular Valencia beach, as well as take a walk to other adjacent beaches such as the Patacona Beach or Arenas Beach.

Our Restaurant was founded in 1966 and we continue with the traditional Mediterranean cuisine that we have inherited from our parents and grandparents.

A good Paella in Valencia

Valencian Paella is one of the most popular dishes in Mediterranean cuisine. The question is to know where to eat a good Paella. In Valencia there are many places where you can taste a good paella but where you can really get an unforgettable experience with the famous dish is on the promenade of Valencia.

Where to eat a good paella in Valencia?.

All visitors that come to Valencia ask for the same thing, but the ideal is to compare sites. The restaurant located in the promenade of Valencia, El Bobo, can offer you this delicious dish. With a kitchen specialized in rice dishes and a large terrace to enjoy the light and color of the Valencian land, El Bobo restaurant can offer you to taste this typical dish of Mediterranean cuisine in a typical Valencian atmosphere.

Our menu includes everything from Valencian Clóchinas (Mediterranean Mussels or Mussel Valencia) to the typical esgarrat of our land, including breaded lace or garlic prawns.

We are currently located on the promenade of Valencia next to the sand of Malvarrosa beach.

Paellas de Valencia

The dining areas

Our dinning areas overlook the sandy shore of the Malvarrosa beach. Open to the sea, they are perfect for tasting a typical Valencian paella or a creamy or soupy rice with seafood or fish.

With a capacity of 150 people, El Bobo Restaurant is perfect for celebrations and banquets.

Overlooking the Malvarrosa Beach, it has many differentiating elements in its dining rooms. Discretion and professional service make this restaurant a place where you can enjoy typical Valencian rice dishes such as paellas or beach fish. There are two dining areas and its extensive terrace make the Restaurant one of the typical places where you can enjoy a day of sun and beach with your family.

A good raw material is essential for the realization of a good dry rice, honeyed or in a cauldron, a true wonder that is located in one of the best places of Valencia, en la misma orilla de una de las playas de la ciudad del Turia, Valencia.

Nuestra Terraza

One of the most beautiful places to eat paella in Valencia is the Malvarrosa beach. Then you can take a walk along its fine sand and enjoy the great extension of the promenade that runs through the three beaches of the city of Valencia.

If you visit us, you will be able to enjoy our terrace on the Malvarrosa Beach, unique for being a large beach.

You can visit us in winter (from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm) and in summer (from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm).

For reservations call the phone (+34) 963 55 02 92.

La Malvarrosa Beach

Is the beach of the city of Valencia. It’s a beach oriented to the city, which takes the name of Malvarrosa from the neighborhood where is located. Malvarrosa beach was formerly a landing place for merchandise and a fishing village, the beach becoming a place of rest and recreation for the Valencian inhabitants.

Renowned painters and writers such as Sorolla and Blasco Ibáñez spent the summer in these waters. The house of the writer Blasco Ibañez, a few years ago it became a museum and we can visit its premises where we can see some of his work as a writer. The Vicente Blasco Ibáñez House Museum located on Malvarrosa beach is currently used for conferences, meetings and exhibitions.

Malvarrosa beach is a long, golden, fine sand beach. It is worth highlighting the long promenade built in 1980, which brought a great range of hotels and remodeling of the old picnic areas to restaurants. It has all the services of an urban and very busy beach as soon as the good weather arrives in the City of Turia.